By Sue Dawes

Words Down The Line presents a special edition featuring ‘wild poetry’ from local poets and children at Broomgrove School, for the Wild About Wivenhoe festival.


Lelia Ferro

Lelia is an MA Creative Writing student at the University of Essex. She also has an MA in Multimedia Journalism and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Approaches. Lelia spent nearly 20 years working in the media in London, before deciding to focus on her creative writing. She mainly writes poetry about hidden voices in the Essex landscape. She has lived in Wivenhoe for 10 years, and has had several poems published in Words Down the Line.

Her website is

David Winfield

David is a Print trade executive, who retired to Wivenhoe 6 years ago from Hertfordshire. He started married life in Alresford.

James Tague

James Tague is a poet and student at Essex University. He has appeared on stage at the Essex Book Festival in 2016 and will be reading his work at the ISBN arts festival in June. When he’s not writing he grows a beard in his spare time and takes his books for walks.

Tony Oswick

Tony Oswick is a retired civil servant from Clacton, and founder member of the Seaview Scribblers and Wivenhoe Shed Writers. He can usually be found writing short stories but occasionally diverts to verse when the mood takes him.

Candyce Lange

Candyce Lange lives in Clacton, hangs out in Norfolk, and is very fond of Wivenhoe.  She recently published poems in The North poetry magazine and  a story, ‘The kids who rent are having a party’, in the anthology, ‘Essex Belongs To Us’.

Class 2 Broomgrove Junior School

The poem ‘School Field Palette’ was a collaborate poem created by Class 2 (ages ranging from 7-8). Broomgrove Junior School is situated in Wivenhoe and information about the school and their admissions policy can be found on their website: