Our first new exhibition of 2018 features Olivia Browne, a Wivenhoe artist since 2001 and who also teaches at Colchester’s Sixth Form College.

Her collaged landscapes play with pastoral stereotypes. Featured in this exhibition are three works from her ‘Bucolicos’ series, which responds to and interprets British countryside imagery.

The medium of collage allows her to construct rural fantasy scenes that are not what they at first seem, by arranging and re-arranging papers from a variety of sources. Her technique involves a process of tearing images from fashion magazines and reworking them to create an imaginary scene.  She also sometimes uses her own black and white photographs taken in local woodland, working into the final image with solvents to erase colour and build it up again with graphite pencil and oil paint.

She aims to create landscapes that are evocative and eerie.

Ticket Office



The Awakening

Platform 2


Bucolicos 3


Bucolicos 4

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