By Lelia Goldsmith

Married to the Marshes is a poetry and art project focused on celebrating hidden female voices in Essex and Suffolk both real and imagined, with a view to publishing a poetry anthology in late 2017.

Through interviews, research, local literature, and collaborations with other artists, the goal is to create a body of work and a website which represents and inspires the local community. The more diverse the contributors, the more interesting the project.

One of my favourite songs is Mrs Bartolozzi by Kate Bush from the album Aerial. She depicts a washing machine and a clothesline in the most poetic way. These ordinary objects so often overlooked, come to represent tenderness and home.

I am also a big fan of Alice Oswald’s Dart. I love the way that she uses interviews with the people living and working on the River Dart to knit together a tapestry of voices symbolising the chatter of the water itself. People and place are one, and the stories of many are heard.

Married to the Marshes is also about celebrating local life and the beauty of the every day, particularly in the lives of women.

If this sounds like the sort of thing that you would like to be involved in as a contributor, interviewee, local historian, artist/illustrator, or just to share your thoughts, then please get in touch via the website or the Facebook page where you can keep up to date with the project

Any profits will be donated to Rape Crisis.